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I don39t think you understand Humor t Lustige

I don39t think you understand Humor t Lustige


I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation!

I don't know why i found this so funny:D

Crazy people don't know they are crazy. I know I'm crazy therefore I'm not crazy. Isn't that crazy? | #quotes #minions #relatable #funny

don't bro me if you don't know me - Baby Godfather

I don't know why this is so funny - reposted from broken link

I don't know how they messed up so bad on making the snowman. At least Dad can fix it.

I don't think you understand.

Funny pictures about You don't understand mom. Oh, and cool pics about You don't understand mom. Also, You don't understand mom.

You Don't Know My Password - Tap to see more hilarious phone locking wallpapers! - @mobile9

Don't lie you know you want me.

Finally a Way to Deal With People Who Don't Understand Technology

that comment though Komisch, Witze, Lachen, Witzige Sprüche, Lustige Meme, Lustige

I don't know if I want this to happen to me or not

If you don't have periods regularly, don't bother saying anything! You don't know what you're talking about.

I Don't Know If All Vaginas Can Take A Pounding.. WHO AN I KIDDING YES THEY CAN!!

32 Hilarious Twitter Roasts By Wendy's That Will Make You Think Twice Before Posting

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game meme

Funny Instagram Captions Selfie Quotes For Followers

100 Cool and Funny Instagram Captions to add to #Wanderlust and #Friendship Photos

Instagram Captions

Funny Crossfit Let me know if my biceps get in your way - Men'


When You Don't Know

humorous twitter bios

but appendix, why?

1. When it comes to book shopping, money is never an object.

The Mountain Three Wolf Moon In Blue Adult T-Shirt, Blue, Small

twitter book

January 17 ...

#87 Wise Words


winter vs summer

T-Shirts In Japan

Never mind what the chair would look like, how would you know which direction you were going in?

You're incredibly excited when you start a new sales job

And check out the book tour map and come see us at one of many fun events!

15 Funniest Real Computer Error Messages

In the interest of full disclosure: I will freely admit that I'm not sure what is happening, but it's something. Like monkeys at typewriters eventually ...

The German language's finesse offers a sort of unintentional humour through ambiguity: The sentence above is intended to mean: This area is under video ...

#cat #cats #kitten

Wrong Number Text

Siri clearly doesn't find it too funny though, as it is followed by an exasperated "Are you happy now?"

Hey Cortana

I Think They Just Stuck Together Random Words

Donald and Melania Voting

Rigged System

Wrong Number Text

The Other 98%

#55 Pshh. It Doesn't Make You Better Than Me

"I Don't Keep Calm cuz I'm a Jewish Mother" Funny

funniest video game jokes

#pet #animal #cat

The answer, apparently, is 357 butt cords of wood a day.

Instagram Caption Example

Making Dreams come true

Keep Calm and Eat Kosher Funny Jewish Shirt

If these Bumble openers don't work, it's definitely them, not you.

Uh, No Thanks, Chinese Kid

What programmers say and what we mean.

But don't let the stress get to you

You need to get out of your bedroom, dweeb, and go find out for yourself.

Funny Instagram Accounts

funny tinder profiles 2

I would travel with you to the end of the world!

Computer Programmer Funny T-shirt

Hey society, You don't own me.


I Don't Know What You're Putting In These Bottles

Trump at the Debate

funny-chrome-extension-featured. You don't ...

Danny Brown - Ain't It Funny (Official Video, dir. Jonah Hill)

I BET YOU WILL LAUGH - Funny videos

#34 Please Don't Drop Your Bomb

If you don't love her at fajr, you don't deserve her in Eid

Funniest rapper quotes

But don't let the stress get to you

... they don't know what time zones are. transit app release notes funny

Instagram Captions Bork


The funniest and most hilarious ANIMAL videos #1 - Funny animal compilation - Watch & laugh!

Is listening to music while doing homework good for you


You're Ugly

sexy meme of Blue nut button meme about the confusion surrounding the word Daddy and Dad

Instagram captions lyrics

"Koogle" Funny Jewish Shirt